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Hi I have the following error messages.
Would someone explain what they mean and how to fix them.
BKSOURPT.DT6. File not found, Btrieve error 12 xcode = 0
BKMESSG.DT6 Readlast stat = 3
BKMESSG. DT6 File not open, Btrieve error 3 xcode = 326

I do not understand the following error messages as I always have backups.
error messages with the following:
problem with your data files
write protect your existing backups copies of data files

A The main problem is error 12
It means the file is missing. You have either deleted the file, or you have Restored only some of the data files and not all of the data files.
Do you have a backup diskette or 2 or 3?
Did you recently move your database to a new computer?
If so, do the Restore again. Be sure to restore from the second diskette also if you have 2 diskettes.

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