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What are the differences in the databases for BK5 and BKW6

BK5-DOS uses the SAME database as BK5Win.
One can use both applications reasonably well on the same database: going back and forth between them. If one have converted to Windows and using non-englich characters that does not work so well.

BKW6 converts the BK5 database. (DOS / Win) to its own structure. BKW6 database cannot be used by, or converted back to, BK5 DOS or BK5 Win.


I have installed BKW6 Beta and will like to install the released version

You do not need to uninstall the Beta BKW6.
You can install the regular BKW6 over it.

If you want to start over with converting your BK5 data to BKW6 you can just delete the *.DT6 data files without uninstalling the entire program.


If I go to the person view, add a source for the birth, this will not show up when the person is shown as a child in the parent view. Am I missing something here?

The source on the Child grid is not the birth date source for the child.
It is a different source that only means you have a source that a person is the child of someone.
For example if you have a Will that says "I give $500 to my son John Smith" and that is all you know about John Smith, then the will is a source for the fact that John Smith is a child of that person. You might not have any information about the birth date.
So basically, that source is only on the child grid and not on the event grid for the child.

I have a registered version of BK5. I have downloaded BKW6, and used my BK5 registration number and password in BKW6 and all seems to work fine.
If I buy the CD version of BKW6 (which I am quite happy to do), will there be any more features on it than I have from the downloaded version (apart from the manual)?
If not, will it be possible for "BK5 registered users" to purchase the BKW6 manual separately?

The CD has a viewable version of the BKW6 manual and also a 10 minute "movie" showing how to use the BKW6 program.
John Steed: I have not yet decided if I will sell the printed manual separately. I will think about that.


How about the .DTA files:
BKIndex.DAT, BKLast1.DTA, BKLast2.DTA, BKParam.DTA ??
Will they just regenerate a new when required? Then they could also be deleted from the main BKW6 Directory ? They have 6 to 51 K data in them.

BKSETUP6.EXE does not delete automatically. But you do not need it. Just stop BKW6 and then COPY all the *.DT6 files from the program directory to some other directory. Then delete the *.DT6 files that were in the program directory. Then start BKW6 and when it asks for the location of the files, pick the new directory you moved them to. (Or pick File, Open database and locate them that way.)
The DTA or DAT files are either temporary files or are files that will be created as needed.


On the Family Edit Screen: No parents are shown
Click on 'parents' shows:
"Pick husband, wife or child at the top menu, then Rearrange Parents. Then pick no if secondary parents are blank."
No secondary parents are shown; where is the item 'Rearrange Parents?'
First time I have run into this dilemma in many years of using BK5 and its predecessors.

The person with no parents showing has a set of parents that have been deleted so the parent numbers are 0 and 0.
Where is the person with no parents? Is that person in the top Husband box or the second Wife box? Is there a botton to the left that says "Other parents"? If so, that person has two sets of parents and the primary parents are wong.
Pick the word Husband or the word Wife from the top menu at the top of the screen. On the drop down box you will see "rearrange parents"


Are there any plans on adding to BKW6 the ability to print out a book format of ancestors? This is something that I would really like to have but I realize there are fixes and other things happening right now.

Pick Ancestor from the top menu on the main screen, then pick Ahnentafel Book.


How to handle BK6 database?

BK6 database are as BK5 database, but you can not open a BK6 database by using BK5-program or opem a BK5 database by using BK6 program. You have to convert the database


Installing BK6 and VISTA

Often you can have the situation that you must start with a new computer and then install BK6. What ever you have for computer or if it is XP or Vista, the recomandation is to follow the installation advice from the program.
That gives the installation of the program to
C:\Program files\Brother's Keeper 6
And for the database the recommandation is never to put the database in the folder or subfolder of the program, e.g. C:\Program files\
Follow the advice of the program and let it be located to
C:\Brother's Keeper 6
When you start the program the subfolders for data, text, picures and Media are generated. BK 6.3 and Vista and FAQ and BK 6.3 and Vista

Are you used with computers you can use other names for the folders, but basicly use the default location of the program and your personal data.

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