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Webside and Textfiles

How do I add a new text file with BKW6?? And give it a name?
When I attempted to add a new text file - BKW6 automatically labeled it (internal file) & would not let me give it a distinct name. Then I tried to add a second file using the $$ (as in BK5) - and all that did was put a useless file in the BKW6 main directory.


Pick Add File.
It will make a blank line in the grid.
Enter your text in the top message box.
Then you will see two buttons at the top.
One says "Save Internal" and the other will Save as "External file".
Click the one for "External File" and then it will ask for a file name.
In other words, you do NOT need to save it internal unless you want to.


Only beef I have is that a source list and index are not created in RTF files.

The source footnots and the index are in the RTF file. In Word pick View, Footnotes.
To get the index in Word pick Insert, Tables, Index


What are the difference is between an internal and an external file.

An external file is a separate text file on your computer. It is a file you that is in the folder and that you can edit with Notepad or Wordpad or whatever.
An internal file is stored in a BK data file and all internal files are in the same big file. Only BK can view or edit those files. Internal files make for less clutter on the disk and are faster to backup. Internal files can only be 22,000 characters each, whereas external files can be any size.
Each person in the database can have many internal or external files attached if you want.


(txt files)
I converted my BK5 files to BKW6 and the txt files I placed by beginning with $$ were not transferred. How do I get them to transfer to BKW6?

fixed 12-feb-01 (6.0.35)

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