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A message from JS some times ago may be for some help

There are different types of .jpg files. There is a new method that is sometimes used by a program that makes a .jpg file and that new method makes a type of .jpg file that BK does not currently read.

So my suggestion is to convert it to a .pcx file so BK can read it. You dont have to change all your .jpg files, just the ones that BK cant read.

Or else load the .jpg file into another paint program and save it as .jpg again and perhaps the other program makes the type of .jpg that BK can read.

If the pcx file is too large for you then here is a secret. (I am sure no one else is listening). Have BK display the pcx file. Then while it is showing, press the F5 key. Then pick File, Save As.
(that will only show up if you press F5 before you pick File on the top menu.) Then save the file as a .jpg file. Then have BK point to the new .jpg file. Then you can erase the .pcx file later.

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