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Windows låser seg

A few people with certain video cards have a problem where BK will locks up (freeze) while they are moving around in Edit.

If you have that problem then do the following:

- Go to:
- Start
- Settings
- Control Panel
- Display
- Settings
- Advanced Properties
- Performance
- Hardware Acceleration
- Set to None (As opposed to Full)
- Apply
- Restart Computer

If you have lockup problems with an older version of Win 95 then pick

- Start (Start)
- Settings (Innstillinger)
- Control Panel (kontrollpanel)
- System (system og du får frem Egenskaper for System)
- Performance tab (Ytelser)
- Graphics (Grafikk)
- Hardware Acceleration (Avanserte grafikkinnstillinger)
- Set to None (As opposed to Full) (Flytt markøren til Ingen)
- OK
- choose Restart Computer when it asks (velg å restarte PC-en)

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