Anbefal denne siden

I probably ended up in this disability when I discovered that I had added the wrong people as parents to # 69523, and forgot to delete the link between
the parents and # 69523 before I deleted the link between the parents and then # 105582 and # 105583.

What I want is to remove # 105582 and # 105583 so I can add another parent pair.

****  bilde

Try this

While you are on the Edit screen pick from the top menu Add, New Individual

When it asks for a name type:  105582 

Press Enter

It should say that number was deleted, do you want to enter a new person with that number.

Answer Yes

It will add that person with a name Available.

Then you can add the other wife the same way.After they are added, you can either change Available to the name you want 
you can pick Delete, Unlink the spouse, which should unlink the children also

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