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Error 22

I forbindelse med en sikkerhetskopiering frm kom følgende feilmelding på databasen. (Databasefeil kan skje og det er derfor best at man alltid sørger for å ta sikkerhetskopier gjevnlig):

File BKPerson.DT6  data buffer lenght, Btrieve error 22 xcode=590
problem reading personnumber 590

File BKPerson.DT6  data buffer lenght, Btrieve error 22 xcode=1801
problem reading personnumber1801

When trying to controll the dabase following error:

The  program close

Produsentens løsning:

Error 22 means the data file is damaged for at least one person

If there is no current Backup, then the best way to fix the problem is to rebuild the database using the following procedure.

If you have any Backup copies of your data, keep them safe.

You should make a new backup of the damaged database to a new blank disk or CD if possible.

Then do the following to rebuild the database:

  1. At the main BK screen pick Help, About BK    If you have a version less than 6.2 then download BKUPDATE.EXE and run that to install the current version. . (If you have an older version, you can still this procedure, except you will not have the F3 option in step 3 and in that case everyone will be assigned a new BK number)
  2. Then in BK pick File, Split database, and create a new folder name.
  3. Then when you get to the screen where you can select people, press the F3 key on the keyboard, and it will say "option to keep same BK code numbers"
  4. Then pick Range of numbers and select everyone from 1 to the end.
  5. Then pick Copy   (if you get a Stat error, just click OK to continue)
  6. Then pick File, Open database and open the new folder you created.
  7. Then pick File, Quality check and write down any errors, or let it fix them.
  8. Then if you want to use the old folder name, you could make a new File, Backup, then open the original data folder, then do a File,  Restore.

If this procedure does not work, notify John Steed and tell him what you tried and what happened.
Sometimes there are other procedures that might help.

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