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Error 321

If the BK5W - BK6 program does not start and it says a vbx file is missing or is out of date, or if you get an error 321 check your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and tell me which of these files is different on your system. Also, check the other directories in your DOS PATH to be sure you do not have other versions of these files elsewhere on your system. For example, if you have a different version of THREED.VBX in your C:\WINDOWS directory (not SYSTEM) then rename it to THREED.BKP. If you have the wrong version in your SYSTEM directory, then rename it and then run the BKSETUP.EXE again and it will install the correct one.

If you have the right files in the right directories, and it says it can not load LEAD.VBX be sure you have at least 4 megs of RAM plus some virtual memory.

In the current BK version, you can also look for the wrong version of vbx or dll files by picking Help from the main screen and then picking "Verify vbx/dll version."

  THREED   VBX     64,432 07-16-93 or 07-11-95  (can be in BK directory)
  SSIDXTAB VBX     61,664 05-23-94   1:01a
  LEAD     VBX     55,440 04-12-95   9:20a      (can be in BK directory)
  VSVIEW   VBX     74,656 01-03-95 or   81,520 08-07-95
  GRID     VBX     45,136 06-15-93   5:26p
  GAUGE    VBX     31,440 10-21-92  12:00a      (can be in BK directory)
  SPIN     VBX     22,528 04-28-93  12:00a
  CMDIALOG VBX     18,688 04-28-93  12:00a
  QPLIST   VBX     24,304 12-17-93   3:47p
  MLIST    VBX     41,216 02-26-95  10:29a
  DWVSTAMP VBX     48,272 01-09-95  12:26a
  CPWCTRL  VBX     35,824 09-11-95  11:28p
  LEAD45   DLL    517,200 06-15-95  12:14p      (can be in BK directory)
  COMMDLG  DLL     97,936 11-01-93   3:11a
  PORIENT  DLL     10,384 07-14-93   4:33p
  WBTRCALL DLL     51,392 10-25-92  12:00a
  QPRO200  DLL     58,544 06-24-94  11:17a
  VBRUN300 DLL    398,416 05-12-93  12:00a
  COMPPLUS DLL     95,184 11-06-95 or  118,144 03-14-97


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