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Error 419

will happen if BK is searching a folder and does not have "permission" to search that folder.

Have the user Log into Windows with Administrator rights.

Then have the user do this

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you may need to set the BK6 program to run with administrator rights. Right click the BK6 icon and pick Properties, Compatibility tab, Run as administrator, and click OK

If he still gets the error, then for some reason, BK did not get the correct permision.

In that case, do not use the BK search routine.

Instead do it the old way with

     Start, Search, BKPERSON.DT6

and search the entire C drive for BKPERSON.DT6 and if there is any larger than 11K then that is a BK database, so write down the folder name and then start BK and open that folder with File, Open database.

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