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WBTRV32.DDL did not load corectly

Q STAT = WBTRV32.DDL did not load corectly

Hvis programmet starter med denne anvisningern, kan feilen være forårsaket av et Antiviusprogram som bruker for lang tid til å kontrollere BK6W.exe. Hvis forsinkelsen er for stor, vil feilmeldingen på WBTRV32 fremkomme.

2. gang programmet starter, går det fortere da enkelte deler da allerede ligger i datamaskinen hukommelse.

Hvis man ikke kan starte BK6, kan det være et problem med WBTR32.DLL eller et problem med registeret. Hvis det er situasjonen, vil produsenten gjerne ha beskjed. Han vil da, avhengig av feilmelding, kunne fortelle hvilke datafiler som bør slettes og igjne installeres og eventuelle endringer som må gjøres i registeret til maskinen.

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It is many things that could cause the problem.

If they CAN start the program the second time, then it might be caused by their Anti-virus program which is taking too long to check the BK6W.EXE program file. If it gets delayed too long, then the WBTRV32 error may show up.

The second time they start, it goes faster since some things are already in memory.

If they can NOT start BK6 at all, then there may be a problem with WBTR32.DLL or a problem with the registry.
In that case let me know and I will tell you want files to delete and reload and what to change in the registry.

Orign: John Steed 2006

From: "John Stewart"
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 08:30:30 -0600

I also have this same thing happen now about every other time I invoke BK now (also note that it began about 3 updates ago--still with the most recent update 6.2.29). Usually it loads correctly the 2nd time. I have tried turning off my anti-virus and firewall software, but it makes no difference. It also makes no difference if other programs are active or not when the errormessages occur. (I checked Otto's web page reference about this but find it does not provide a solution.)

Often, an additional error message window informing of an "MKDE Work Station Error" occurs simultaneously that traces the error, but it doesn't seem to be the same error each time. I have been experiencing this "MKDE" error for the last year, off and on, sometimes by itself (without the "WBTRV32.DLL doesn't load correctly" error).

For more info see:


I have a Dell Inspiron 4100, Windows XP (latest update), AVG Free Anti-virus, Zone Alarm firewall. I have tried downloadin & installing both the "full version" and smaller "English only" versions of the periodic BK updates and the errors still occur.

It is too technical for me to fathom, and is becoming quite annoying--but not enough so that I would stop using BK. Possibly it is an anomaly peculiar to my computer, and I might have to wait until I upgrade to a new computer to see if the problem(s) still remain.

John Stewart

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