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Types of CD

There are two types of CD; CD-R and CD-RW.
A CD-R is a plain CD that you can write to using a CD burner. You can write to it several time, but it cannot be used as you would a floppy disc. Once it is full, you cannot erase it and use it again.
A CD-RW is a rewritable disc that, once it is formatted using a "Packet Writer", can be used as a floppy, and can be erased and used again.

Backing up files to a CD-RW

For direct backups from BK6, you must use the CD-RW.
Before attempting the backup, the CD must be formatted.
To do this, you must have a "Packet Writer", meaning a program that prepares and is active in doing the backup.
Packet Writers are a part of any CD Burning program, although they work separately from the main.
Prassi has abCD
Nero has InCD
Roxio/Easy CD Creater has DirectCD

Direct backup to CD-RW Nero

When the "Packet Writer" programs are installed, an icon is placed in your Taskbar, generally a tiny disc.
You can click on that icon for the menu, and you're given options.

  1. Insert a blank CD into the drive.
  2. Choose "Format" This will take about 45min, depending upon the speed of your CD drive.
    When finished formatting you now have a big floppy, BUT remember that your packet writer must be active at the time of writing. It can be deactivated when not in use.
  3. Leaving the CD in the drive and the writer active, open BK6.
  4. Click on File and choose Backup.
  5. Select whether you want text files and pictures included.
  6. Click on Pick a Different Drive
  7. Type in the drive letter:\a file name... Example: F:\backup1
Each time you do a backup, use a different filename; backup1, backup2, or you can use the date; F:\mar20, F:\apr4, etc.
Once ready, click on OK and enter the new world of writing CDs.

Backing up files to a CD-R.

This method can also be used to backup your BK5 data files. (Or any files)
Using Nero Burning, insert blank CD-R into drive.
Open Nero. Nero includes a Wizard to assist in selections.
Click Help, Open Wizard.
Wizard has choices on each page.

  1. First page: Choose "CD," click Next
  2. 2nd page: Choose "Compile CD," click Next
  3. 3rd page: Choose "Data CD," click next
  4. 4th page: If first time to write to the CD, Choose "Create New CD" (If you're using the same backup CD, Choose Continue Existing")
  5. Click Next, Click "Burn"

Now a page opens similar to Windows Explorer, except that it has 4 panes across.

  1. First Pane displays Drive letter and folder called NEW.
    You can right click on NEW and create a folder, naming it "Backup1, 2, etc." or you can use a date, mar20, apr4, etc.
    By doing this, you can use the same disc for several backups. Remembering to create a new folder for each backup.
  2. The second pane will display the files that you have chosen.
  3. The third pane is the File Browzer.
  4. 1. Click on Program Files
  5. 2. Click on Brothers Keeper 6
  6. Scroll down the 4th pane to see the files.
  7. Holding the CTRL key down, select all files ending in .dt6
  8. Release the key. Holding the left key down, drag a file into the second pane. This will drag all files to the display pane.

Look into the upper button bar, choose Burn. Your data files will be written into the folder that you chose. When restoring files to the BK folder, they must have the arributes changed from "read only." To do this, access the CD from Windows Explorer. Copy the files from the File Name to a temporary folder on C: drive. Then click on Edit, Select all. Then click on file, Properties. Click off the "Read Only" attribute. When restoring choose the temp folder to receive from.

For more information about CD, look at CD-Recordable FAQ (Andy McFadden's)

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